Conference Sessions

Whether it’s a keynote address or a breakout session, Matt has a program to educate, entertain and inspire.

  • Tuning in to Your Full Potential: A Whole-Brained Approach to Communication and Performance: You’ve heard that some  people are left brained and others are right brained. But, the truth is, we all have a whole brain and tapping into both sides is the secret to reaching your full potential. It’s time to dump the old excuses – “I’m just not artistic”, or “I’m just no good with numbers” – and visit that “other” side of your brain that you’ve had all along. This program is full of songs, laughter and inspiration to get you out of your comfort zone and trying something new.
  • Three Chords and The Truth: This songwriting workshop is a great way to turn up the energy in any meeting. Whether you’re a group of accountants, engineers or artists – this session will help you get in touch with your inner poet and learn to express yourself in a new and exciting way. This is perfect for a breakout session or as a tool for getting small groups working together in creative brainstorming.
  • Acting Successful – What Performing on Stage Teaches us about Performing on the Job: Here’s an entertaining and informative look at how to get ahead on the job using some of the same techniques actors and other performers use to prepare for a show. After all,  sometimes success comes down to entering and exiting when you’re supposed to, saying and doing what you’re supposed to (and not saying or doing what you’re not supposed to), and wearing the right wardrobe for the scene.  These techniques are especially helpful when you’re faced with a personnel issue or conflict that needs to be resolved. Whether you’re on your first job or you’re a supervisor, manager or executive, these techniques are easy, fun and they work.
  • Custom Programs: Matt can customize sessions for your event, working from any of the topics above or many others such as corporate creativity versus artistic creativity, personal branding or writing for business or pleasure.